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We save our clients thousands by using nature as the venue!  

Here are 10 luxury picnic destinations within a 30-mile radius of Raleigh, NC:

  1. Umstead State Park: Enjoy serene lakes, lush forests, and beautiful trails for a tranquil picnic experience.

  2. JC Raulston Arboretum: A botanical garden with picturesque landscapes and various themed gardens.

  3. Pullen Park: A historic park featuring a carousel, pedal boats, and spacious picnic areas.

  4. Lake Johnson Park: Relax by the lake and take advantage of walking trails and water activities.

  5. E. Carroll Joyner Park: Wide-open spaces, art installations, and a peaceful atmosphere for picnicking.

  6. Durant Nature Preserve: Nature trails, wildlife, and serene ponds for a peaceful outdoor meal.

  7. Fred Fletcher Park: Centrally located park with gardens, water features, and ample seating.

  8. Shelley Lake Park: A beautiful lake with walking paths and designated picnic spots.

  9. Historic Oak View County Park: Enjoy a picnic while exploring historic buildings and gardens.

  10. Falls Lake State Recreation Area: Numerous picnic spots near the lake and opportunities for water sports.

We will always check park regulations and availability before planning your luxury picnic. 

Looking for more of a destination picnic in NC:

Indulge in North Carolina's exquisite natural beauty while experiencing the epitome of luxury with our curated picnic destinations. Pamper your senses at the Biltmore Estate, where sprawling lawns and stunning vistas provide the perfect backdrop for an opulent outdoor feast. For a serene lakeside retreat, Lake Norman offers upscale picnic spots with serene waters and lush surroundings.

For an intimate mountain escape, the Blue Ridge Parkway boasts breathtaking overlooks and tranquil meadows, ensuring an unforgettable picnic experience. If coastal charm is what you seek, the Outer Banks' pristine beaches and dunes offer a lavish setting to savor gourmet delights.

Elevate your picnic game at Asheville's Botanical Gardens, where manicured landscapes and vibrant blooms create an oasis of luxury. Finally, immerse yourself in history and elegance at the Tryon Palace Gardens, where colonial grandeur meets modern comfort.

Choose any of these North Carolina gems to treat your esteemed clientele or wedding guest to a lavish picnic affair that embodies luxury and enchantment. 

By having a luxury picnic wedding reception, we can save you thousands in venue cost! 

I want to plan my luxury picnic!

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