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This agreement/contract was executed on the day your invoice was paid between the client/ company on the invoice known for the purposes of this Agreement as “Client,” and All in a Picnic located at 436 East Main Street Suite D Clayton NC, 27520 known for the purposes of this Agreement as All in a Picnic. All invoices serve as a legal binding contract. By paying the invoice you are agreeing to enter into this contract  with All in a Picnic and stating you have read and agree to all contractual terms, rules, guidelines and procedures outlined below as they are displayed and approve.

1. **Reservation and Booking:**

   - Reservations may be secured by liaising with our esteemed customer relations team at 919-359-2884.
   - We kindly request a minimum of 48 hours' advance notice for reservation placements.
   - Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of full payment.

   -Site Visits- Selecting a location is important! Site visits are essential to ensure we quote you correctly for certain events. We recommend site visits for all large functions/ events, full-service events and weddings. The client will be charged $100.00 fee to cover mileage and labor for the visit. This fee will not be applied to your booking as a credit. The fee is for this service only. Site visits are recommended for all events 50+ guest! 

    - A service fee of 5% -18% will be added to all invoices based on needs requested, guest count, etc.  5% will be for express or simple picnics and 18% is applied to all full service picnics or picnics with additional request and details that exceed a basic catering picnic. This includes but is not limited to setup, decorating, tablescapes, planning, coordination, etc. This fee is for rendering of services and cost of business.

    -Credit Card Authorization Form- All clients that secure services for rental items, event setup/ delivery or vendor items to a 3rd party company hired must fill out a credit card auth form. By signing the form, you authorize All in a Picnic to debit your account for any additional services requested outside of your invoice, damages to rental items, All in a Picnics inventory and any task requested regarding setup and delivery that are not included in the invoice. There will be a 3.75% merchant service fee charged for billing your card paid directly to the merchant service provider.

    - We accept cash, check or credit card. All credit card transactions will result in a 3.75% fee charged by the merchant provider.

2. **Cancellation and Refund Policy:**

   - Each picnic is different and has many customizable touches. Once the client books, we start the planning process, order items, design items and more. With that being said, much work is put in to ensure you have an amazing experience! Our team starts working on your experience once the deposit if paid. With that being said due to the amount of time each experience takes, customer inventory for each theme, etc., picnics are NON- REFUNDABLE. We understand things do happen therefor we offer a transfer to another date so no monies are lost!  Transfer Policy: Guest may transfer picnics and catering purchased from us up to one time at no charge if given a 15 day notice from the event date. Transfers must be redeemed within one year of the original event date. If you choose to cancel after the one time free transfer, no monies will be issued, no credits or deposits will be reimbursed and the services will not be performed. The client would have to rebook all services and pay again.
   - In the event of inclement weather, emergencies, or acts of nature, we offer a single rescheduling/transfer opportunity, devoid of any costs. This rescheduling must transpire within 60 days from the initial booking. Should a subsequent cancellation occur, no monetary restitution will be administered, and commissioned services will not be executed. A new reservation would then be requisite.

3. **Gourmet Selections:**

   - Our diverse gastronomic repertoire caters to a spectrum of dietary proclivities and mandates.
   - Kindly apprise us of any allergies or dietary constraints during the reservation phase, understanding that we nor our sister company Chefella's Catering and Events cannot bear responsibility for food allergies or potential allergen cross-contamination.

4. **Picnic Arrangement and Embellishments:**

   - Our team will arrive at the stipulated venue between 45 minutes to an hour in advance of the appointed commencement.
   - A tastefully appointed picnic milieu, replete with comfortable seating, plush cushions, elegant rugs, and tasteful embellishments, shall be presented for your indulgence. All embellishments will be decided by the picnic designer.
   - We humbly entreat that all embellishments are treated with reverence and refrain from repositioning or handling them. Any damage incurred shall necessitate a compensatory fee, quantified upon retrieval and invoiced for your disposition. It is incumbent upon the client to cover these costs. Irreparable items require replacement at full retail valuation.
   - Each client is required to complete a credit card authorization form to cover incidental charges. The prerogative to debit this card for potential damages is reserved. Transparent communication shall accompany this action, complete with a comprehensive invoice and payment acknowledgement.
   - Picnic sessions encompass a 2-hour span. Extensions beyond this allocation will be billed at a rate of $75 per additional hour. To facilitate any extension requests, we urge that prior communication be established.
   - Vigilance over the picnic premises is imperative; upon our completion of setup, all items and possessions become the client's custodianship. Financial obligation shall be incurred for any damages or loss that may transpire post-setup.

5. **Alcohol Stipulations:**

   - The inclusion of personal alcohol provisions is permissible, contingent upon site regulations and permissions. The onus is upon the client to ascertain the property's local and facility-specific protocols.
   - Adherence to regional laws and statutes governing alcohol consumption is imperative.

6. **Attendees and Supplementary Costs:**

   - The foundational picnic package accommodates a party of 2.
   - Supplementary participants can be seamlessly accommodated at an additional fee of $30 per individual.

7. **Duration and Cleanup:**

   - Each picnic duration spans 2 hours.
   - Our dedicated team shall expediently execute a thorough site cleanup upon the conclusion of your sojourn. A grace period of 5 minutes is afforded for personal effects retrieval, enabling our team to effectuate a comprehensive cleansing.

8. **Safety and Conduct Protocols:**

   - Obedience to all local ordinances, regulations, and directives applicable to parks, beaches, venues, and respective properties is obligatory during the picnic.
   - The cultivation of a pristine milieu remains incumbent upon all participants, encompassing the judicious disposal of refuse and disposable items. In instances wherein a designated waste receptacle is absent, we shall proffer an appropriate solution.
   - Children are to be under continuous surveillance to uphold safety protocols.

9. **Photographic Documentations:**

   - For promotional purposes, we may capture images of your picnic. Consent for the unfettered application of these images for All in a Picnic's comprehensive marketing and promotional initiatives is hereby solicited. You hereby grant permission to All in a Picnic to use/ take photographs and/or video of yourself, all guest, vendors and any other items or people associated with the event in publications, print, advertising, website, news releases, online, social media and in other communications related to the mission of All in a Picnic. You agree you have made all my guest aware and full consent from all is granted! You also give permission to opt in to receive email communications for marketing (mail chimp or constant contact). You also release any professional photographs from any photographer to All in a Picnic to use for all reasons stated above.

10. **Emergency Contingencies:**

    - Given the unpredictability intrinsic to outdoor settings, we proffer a contingency plan. In instances of spontaneous inclement weather, the emergency line at 919-522-3133 remains accessible for your expeditious communication. Voicemail and text messaging are supplementary means of contact, ensuring your message reaches the requisite recipient. 

 We recommend establishing an alternative site plan, such as an adjacent picnic shelter or meeting facility, in anticipation of unforeseen meteorological shifts devoid of any preliminary warning. Collaboratively, our customer service representatives shall chart a course of action that aligns with the client's preferences during the reservation phase.

We express our ardent eagerness to contribute to the attainment of an unparalleled picnic experience, characterized by opulence and finesse. Your contentment remains our paramount objective, and we look forward to curating a truly unforgettable memory for you.

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